Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wicked Liveaboard #1

Right now I'm on a 4-hour break on dry land between the first and second liveaboard. IT WAS AMAZING!!! There were 16 guests on the boat, 4 of us doing the divemaster course, and 5 staff (plus 6 boat crew).  We went on 8 dives in 3 days and saw lots of amazing things - here are some highlights.

Hemprich's soft corals - come in purple and pink
Lots of damselfish
Crown of Thorns at 65 feet
Octopus coming out of the corals at 70 feet (sorry for the blue color)
Swim throughs at 90 feet
Hawksbill turtle eating coral
Gorgeous corals
Butterflyfish at 80 feet
Butterflyfish pair under a table coral

Feather star
This made me think of "Octopus's Garden" by the Beatles. It was out of this world!
8 dives in 3 days is a lot of diving, especially since we were working on skills. Only 3 of the dives were "fun dives" where we could bring cameras - the other 5 were working on buoyancy, navigation, leading, swimming techniques for leading, and group dynamics underwater. It's great to have these dives combine with practical skills because there's a lot to see, but we can still check things off our "to-do" list. This means we don't get stuck in a pool session, and we can still take cameras on some of the dives.

I'm pretty tired, and I'm probably going to fall asleep as soon as the boat leaves the dock this evening. Then we do it again!

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