Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Victory Dives

I did it! I just finished my SSI Dive Control Specialist (basically an assistant Instructor & divemaster combined), and am just waiting to receive my confirmation email and certification number so that I can start my career as a professional athlete. Because diving is a sport, duh!

While I'm waiting, the dive shop let me go on a few fun dives for $2-3 per tank of air + free lunch. Life is pretty good :D we saw lots of beautiful stuff and I'm still improving my navigation, so it's nice to practice!

Cute porcupinefish :D
Breaktime, enjoying some music and food!

Lionfish! So cute

enormous scary lobster

blowing bubbles... I'm still perfecting this, bu Max was really good at it!

Cuttlefish was not so happy at a little fish swimming by...

baracuda EVERYWHERE nom

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