Friday, September 13, 2013

Pics Speak for Themselves

The island is still a dream come true. We haven't found many seahorses, but I've seen lots of new things and the people are absolutely wonderful. I've attached pictures that give a sampling of what I've been doing. I'm currently booking my ticket to Labuan Bajo to do a liveaboard dive trip and some day dives with Wicked Diving in Komodo National Park. I'll be meeting up with my good friend Krista, who just earned her divemaster in California, and we'll be diving up a storm in Indonesia and in the Philippines. Can't wait! I'll be on the island until it's time for me to fly at the very end of September.
pregnant male (see the pouch?)

Fighting with the transect poles

hauling tanks = old man face

hijinks :)

Uly wanted a snack



lovely corals and sponges

we're professionals

miles and miles of healthy corals at some sites