Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lanterns and Loykratong Festival

Life goes on after finishing my DM course, and it's still pretty fun :)

We had a big celebration at the end of the course, and everyone in my class (John, Rhys, George, and I) hung out with the new class of divemaster trainees and some of the instructors. It was so fun! We had a "snorkel test" before going out, where we had to correctly fix a weight belt with a blindfold and pretend to teach everyone how to ride a surfboard. People at the restaurant next door ended up walking over to watch, and some of the people doing Open Water courses at shop also stopped by. It was silly, but funny - and obviously very relevant given our new teaching skills. 

Hanging out at monkey bar after the snorkel test
Sending off a lantern on the beach. Apparently it was a green day?

Last night was the Loykratong festival, which occurs every November. It's an apology to Mother Earth for all the harm we've caused her, and we float these beautiful tea leaf offerings down the rivers with a lit candle. We can also make a wish for the next year. There were hundreds of people, a big show on stage, and a competition to see who could make the best float, so it was a fun night all around. And of course lots of food!

Ploy and I sent off this float with our wish

Watching it sail away

MmMmMmMm squid on a stick
Ladyboy show at the festival - they weren't very coordinated, but they had a lot of spirit.

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