Wednesday, November 7, 2012

18 dives in 6 days :)

I just got back from the second 3-day liveaboard to Richelieu Rock, one of the best dive sites in the world.  It is just as amazing as expected :) even though we didn't see a manta or whale shark (wrong season) we did see spirals of baracudas, cuttlefish mating, seahorses, and some of the healthiest corals in the world!

We also went to some amazing dive sites at the Surin Islands, which are still in the Similan National Park. We had 11 guests stay from the last liveaboard and 5 new guests arrive, so it was a very fun group that felt much more like a family than the first 3-day trip.

The lifestyle is pretty simple: Eat, dive, sleep. Repeat.

The dive schedule over the three days is 3-4-2.

  • The first day, we dive after breakfast, after lunch, and right before dinner (sunset dive).  
  • The second day, we dive before breakfast, after breakfast, after lunch, and late before dinner (night dive).
  • The third day, we dive before breakfast, and before lunch. Then we get back to port and unload the boat, checking that we have all the supplies for the next boat and doing inventory.
IT'S AMAZING!!! :D I could do this every day and I hope I will soon. However, I have an external ear infection - treatable and still safe for diving - which is making it a little painful to hang out, much less dive. I guess people aren't meant to be in the water every day (is that why we don't have gills?) but I was still able to equalize and enjoy every dive. What a wonderful trip!

Here are some highlights from different dives:

Richelieu Rock - Cuttlefish mating (this was seriously amazing)

Torinla Island, Surin 
Richelieu Rock = LOTS of fish

Night dive at Torinla - lionfish

Night dive at Torinla - rock lobster

Richeliu Rock

Skunk anemonefish

Soft corals at Surin Island

Oriental sweetlips at Torinla
And the people... I guess they're important too :)

This is the puppy next door, biting Steve's hand. Steve is one of the instructors. See - people pictures!

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