Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hola Baja!

Hola familia y amigos,

No yo he practicado mi español por muchos años. Por eso, voy a escribir este jornal en inglés, porque no tengo tiempo para practicar y aprender todas las palabras que necesitaré para describir la experiencia de estudiando en Baja.



This is mostly going to be a photo journal, since we don't have much time for actual blogging. And since I don't remember enough Spanish to do this justice, I'll just do it English for the folks back home! (And sorry if my intro butchers grammar, spelling, and convention. It's been awhile since I took Spanish).


We arrived in La Paz Monday afternoon and went immediately to Hotel Yeneka, which Gilly described as "a funky place with a stuffed monkey driving a car." It was AMAZING! I think the decorations were entirely collected in junkyards, alleys, and gutters, but it's really great. Here are some photos to get an idea of the decor:

Yes, it's actually a real stuffed monkey driving a real car. Bizarrrrreeee!
The courtyard was open so we got a great breeze, and this table had a few rays of morning sunshine. SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PLACE!

We sat under this canopy drinking beers and eating tamales for a midnight snack on the first night. A street vendor sold the best tamales I've ever had, hand's down. Ridiculous.

We spent the night in La Paz before driving to Loreto about 4 hours up the coast.



This is another beautiful beachfront town and we were about 1 block from the ocean. We walked along the coast drinking mango smoothies and it was gorgeous. So wonderful!

We drove to Mission San Javier, about 1.5 hours inland from Loreto. The landscape is so barren and desert-like that we were shocked to find an oasis spilling onto the road. Gilly surprised us, since he knew it was there, and we walked around it for over an hour just enjoying the refreshing feel of water on our feet and watching the little river creatures.

If you look at the sides of the hill, you can see the huge cactus just outside the range of the water. The land is so parched that it's amazing a river can exist. It must have something to do wit the composition of the rock.
Becca, Lauren L, y yo!

Mission San Javier:

The mission is small but beautiful. It's set against an epic backdrop of desert mountains. Daaaang!!

This tree was pretty awesome and comfortable to sit on!
My adopted adorable puppy. Awwwww =)
A view from the front of the mission.


Santa Rosalia:

We just arrived here and will be spending 2 nights. We've been driving A LOT to see things along the coast so it will be nice to stay for a few days. I will update more later!