Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Eco Project: The Installation

Wicked Diving now has the best waste disposal system of any of Khao Lak's dive shops - we have an underwater toilet at Boonsung Wreck :)

To be accurate, the site is about 20 meters away from the wreck. We placed the toilet next to the installation from divemasters two years ago. We managed to get the toilet on the van, on and off the boat, and to its home near the first piece of artificial reef from several years ago.
We had to do some rearranging to get everything in the van... including the 7 of us!
Jade, me, Ash, Diego (center), Rhys, George, and John (from left to right)
Easing the toilet onto the boat 
Guiding the toilet to its new home
Two bannerfish claimed the new real estate as soon we got to the bottom!
On the second dive, we tried to install the backboard and create a throne. We managed to bring it down to the toilet by weighing it down with ~3 kilos and some muscle, but it wasn't stable enough to withstand the currents and storms that hit Khao Lak in the summer. Actually, we underestimated George's muscles when he was tightening the backboard to the toilet, and the bamboo snapped! We decided to leave the toilet as a central feature and forget about its accessories. It'll be very interesting to see what grows over the rest of the season. All in all, a great day!
Bringing down the backboard
Attempting to install the backboard...

After we gave up on the backboard, I had a beer to relax and celebrate getting the reef in place. Of course I had a bit too much and got ill. Luckily I had a toilet nearby... :)

The team that made it happen <3
Our majestic toilet

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