Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More field trips!

Yesterday we went on a field trip to Amity Point, which is where our hypothetical building development is going to be placed. We looked at the mangroves and coastline, both of which would be affected if any sort of tourist development were to be located there.

We also went on a hike around Point Lookout, which is a really cute town on the northeastern corner of the island, to get another perspective on the coastline.

Looking back towards Amity Point:

Main Beach extends for 30 km of uninterrupted white sands beach:

They also have DELICIOUS home-made gelatto and ice cream, which we plan on tasting again when we get our 3 research days at the end of the class.

I just wrote a big fact sheet about Dugongs, which are very similar to Manatees but found in the Indian Ocean and around Australia. Now I finally know where the name for the pokemon Dewgong came from!

Here's a photo:

And a screenshot of my fact sheet:

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