Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's Britney, B@%#*!

I have now seen Britney Spears in concert!! Lisa has a family friend who does security for music artists, and he got us 6 free tickets ON THE FLOOR!!!!! We were literally one row away from Birney and her fabulous dancers - I think she found the most attractive dancers in the world and hired them to be her backups.

We dressed in tutus and neon because the name of her concert is Circus, and we wanted to be roughly circus themed and definitely ridiculous because it's Britney Spears after all.

Posing in front of the Woman's College on campus (our dorms are in this building):

We were mostly convinced that when we arrived at the Brisbane Entertainment Center there wouldn't be any tickets. When something seems too good to be true, it probably is - BUT THERE WERE TICKETS!! 6 glorious tickets! AH!

Hailing our ticket goddess, Lisa:

We also posed with one of Britney's clowns!! We thought it was just some strange fan dressed up until we saw him on stage during her first act. Crazy!

The opening act was an awesome female DJ. She was gorgeous and played really good dance music - it was the perfect way to get pumped up for the show!

We were super close to the stage - there was literally just one row of people standing in front of us, so we had a prime view of everything. It was INCREDIBLE!

Don, our champion ticket-obtainer!

Countdown to the Circus:
Sufficed to say we were a little delirious with joy.

The main act opened with some phenomenal circus performances:

Apparently ninjas are now part of circuses. Pirates, beware!

Crazy pole-jumping acrobats.


Britney is a way better performer than I was expecting based on other people's recent concert experiences. A lot of the girls here saw her in the US, and she barely danced at all and didn't sing anything live. Her audience in Perth actually walked out in protest because they found her show so boring, but she put on a GREAT show in Brisbane!! She danced a lot and was smiling and engaging the whole time - go figure. She sang "Everything" live and sounded great, and sang live at the end too. I'm kind of glad she lip-synched because she dancing so much that she would've been out of breath by the 2nd song otherwise!

It's good to know that Britney can keep her male dancers in line! It's also the beginning of "If You Seek Amy":

"Hit Me Baby One More Time" - it's an oldie, but a goodie!


FINALE and pyrotechnics. Very nice!
Anyways, it was a really wonderful experience and I can't believe I got to see Britney Spears give an enjoyable show! Haha I really thought her time was passed, but it was fun and yet another ridiculous Australia experience.

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