Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fun Times on Nth Stradbroke


We went scuba diving just outside the bay and it was cool but also miserable. 4 of the 8 of us got violently seasick (vommitting was the word of the day) because the ocean was really rough and the currents, even 17 meters down, were really strong. We saw some awesome stuff though:

Holding a sea cucumber:


Pretty rock rubble:

Oh yeah, we pet a 9ft Leopard Shark. No big deal! It felt like soft sandpaper!

And we saw some huge wobbegong sharks, too:

One of many, many rays:

Lionfish! Suuuuper toxic and gorgeous:

I also went sandboarding with 22 of my fellow Stanford kids, and IT WAS SO FUN!! It's basically like snowboarding but on sand. It hurts a lot less to fall down, and we had some epic races down the slopes.

I started off by standing on the board, but my legs were pretty tired from scuba diving this morning so I ended up sitting or sliding for the rest of the 2 hours. Me and Jocelyn, about to kick some butt down the sand slope:

Face-first! The trick is to keep your mouth closed so you don't eat too much sand:

Blasting down the slope:
Penguin parade:

SO MUCH LOVE!! I'm part of the greatest group of young-adults EVERRRR!

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