Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween is a semi-big holiday in Australia, and of course our class brought the Halloween spirit to Stradbroke Island. I dressed up with a bunch of the girls as Gumnut babies! Gumnut babies are characters in a really popular Australian kids book, and our professor John Hall kept talking about them during our forest ecosystem classes so we figured this was an appropriate Halloween idea:

It was so fun! We ended up going to one of the local bars as a class, and we TOOK OVER. This island is really small, and there were about 20 older people (all at least 40 years old) already there when we arrived. We all ended up dancing to oldies and songs from Grease and doing the Macarena. It was AWESOME!

New Zealand crowd:

The class, all dressed up:

Our professor, Ron Johnston:

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