Friday, November 20, 2009

It Keeps Getting Better!

We headed to Bondi Beach – for CLASS – and had 4 hours of free time to wander around. I seriously can’t believe this is part of school! They had $10 bathing suits and awesome burgers, so I shopped a bit with the girls and feasted on an avocado, bacon, and cheese burger. It was perfection!! The weather was a bit breezy and chilly so we didn’t really want to stick around on the beach too much anyways, but we hiked around the shoreline and saw an awesome sculpture. It was really fun and super beautiful!

Dress number 3:

We then went on a walk around La Parousse, which is where Botany Bay is located and the first European settlers landed. We went on a walk with Vick, who is an aboriginal elder and he told us about the history of the people in that region.

The Powerhouse Museum was pretty interesting, it had lots of gadgets and technological innovations. Planes, trains and automobiles in Australia:

Crazy avante-gard garbage exhibit:

Then we went to the Aquarium!! We had a gorgeous walk through downtown Sydney


Entering the aquarium:

Platypus video!! SO CUTE!

Sleeping dugong:

My boyfriend in Sydney (he and Lisa got along pretty well too, but he was definitely into me):

Huge skate:

Delicious pizza for dinner! This is half roast duck with sesame, half EMU. That's right, EMU PIZZAAAA and it was so tasty!

We also went to the New South Wales Art Gallery:

And walked around the botanical gardens:

Then we visited old Convict barracks that afternoon. Here we are in the convict hammocks:

And finally we went to a nearby club to go dancing. I love this group of people and I have the best time with them! Here are photos from a few nights of going out (hence the different outfits):

Dress number 1 reappears:

Dress number 4!

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