Thursday, September 3, 2009


I'm currently running on about 8 hours of sleep since I woke up on Monday... I think that spreads out to about 2 hours a night. And I'm partly to blame, since last night I had a choice - go to one of the clubs with James, Michelle, and Wen Bin, or sleep. Obviously I chose to go out for a night on the town, meaning that I got back to the hostel around 4 in the morning and my body woke me up around 7:30 AM and wouldn't let me fall back asleep!! So if this entry makes even less sense than usual, it's due to massive sleep deprivation.

Anyways, the club was really nice. There were 3 rooms with different types of music: R&B/Hiphop, 80s rock, and then a live salsa band!! The salsa band was great and I wished that I had some salsa-dancing friends with me, but unfortunately I was out of luck. We spent most of the night in the hiphop music room and had a lot of fun just dancing and hanging out.

Today James and I went to Sentosa, an island off the southern part of the city. We met at this wonderful food court full of lots of local specialties - I had beef noodle soup (see photo) and it was DELICIOUS. The broth was amazing! I also got a green onion pancake. The food here is ridiculously good and crazy cheap! Luckily I'm only here for a week or I would definitely be in danger of getting fat. The tram to Sentosa island left from the same mall that had the food court, so we were able to just hop on after eating. The tram ride wasn't too exciting, although we did get to see the incredibly organized shipping yards and the Universal Studios rides that are still under construction. I can't believe there's going to be a theme park right off the island!! It's opening in 2010 so I just missed being able to go, but there's still so much else to see.

I walked around in this super whimsical fountain on the island. It's such a crazy design and it stretches for probably a hundred feet or so, with lots of places to crawl around and pop your head out (see photo). Behind me is the MERLION!!! A lion - mermaid!! Haha apparently the first European explorer to get to Singapore claimed that he saw one. I think it's cute =)

We also stopped by Siloso Beach, which is huge and beautiful and had volleyball courts. It was WAY too hot to play in the sun, or even walk in the sun, but I can imagine having a lot of fun at the beach. James said that every year there's a huge foam party at the beach and anyone can go!! Haha I think that's amazing. I'm not sure he knows exactly what a foam party is though, so I think he may have meant something else.

I'm going to try to catch some more Zzzzzzzs now because I am super tired. I'll probably sample some food around Little India tonight and stay close to the hostel, but who knows what the future will bring! James lent me his spare phone, so I'm probably going to hang out with Wen Bin and check our the NUS campus tomorrow. I still have tons of stuff to see!

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