Monday, September 14, 2009

Entering The Hobbiton

The morning dawned beautiful and clear, so KL, Erikka, and I went on a jog around Wanaka lake. It was SO BEAUTIFUL!! I haven't jogged in years, so it also felt pretty nice to get moving and start the day off with some exercise.

We took a bus from Wanaka to Queenstown and we could actually see the landscape transforming into Lord of the Rings territory. Everything here is so gorgeous, especially the snow-capped mountains. I definitely recommend New Zealand in the winter, the weather itself isn't too cold and the scenery is just stunning. It's crazy seeing mountains right next to each other, when one has no snow and the other is covered in white glistening ice. I know it has to do with altitude, but it's such a stark contrast! I love it!

Vineyard nestled among snowy mountaintops:

The view from our hostel is unbelievable, we're right next to the lake and wake up to the mountains and water and clear blue skies.

We're going to try canyon bungee, which involves a 60 meter freefall and then swinging 120 meters down into a huge canyon. It's like bungee x10 because you can choose what position you want to be in as you jump - you can go backwards, forwards, upside down, sitting in a chair, and so on. I'm terrified. The hardest part is that you have to step off the platform yourself, so you're in charge of your own fate!! AHHHH!! Look for photos, we're going to take them ourselves. Erikka has a sport mode on her camera so she can take action shots, and hopefully those will come out well. Again, I'm terrified. Just writing about this is freaking me out. Look for an update later... if I survive!!

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