Wednesday, September 16, 2009

High Country Horses + ICE BAR!

Yesterday we went horseback riding in Glenorchy, a small town about 45 minutes away from Queenstown at the other end of Lake Wakatipu. A ton of scenes from Lord of the Rings were filmed there and the scenery was absolutely breathtaking. It was so beautiful and so fun!! My horse, BJ, liked to snack on grasses and willow branches so I had to keep him in line, but I can’t blame him since it’s getting to be spring here and these are the first grasses of the year for him. Erikka’s horse pooped a lot and had to be in front, so we all got a fun show over the course of our 2-hour ride. KL’s horse was really well behaved but a bit short, so her legs got wet during a river crossing. The weather wasn’t great – it was pretty windy and chilly, but they gave us awesome cowboy jackets, boots, gloves, and helmets so we were fine!

The stables were beautiful, no wonder the horses look so happy!

New Zealand – where men are men, and the sheep are afraid!

Amazing views. It was beyond breathtaking for the entire 2+ hour horse ride!!

Isengard (the tower of Orthanc) was filmed between these mountains:

KL barely made it through the river crossing, but we all survived:

We also went to Minus 5, an ice bar, last night and had a great time!! They gave us big parkas and we bought a shot and a cocktail because we really wanted to take a shot out of the ice luge.

In front of the sign:

We were just too cool, hanging out just outside the ice bar before we entered:

The ice bar! Lots of awesome sculptures:

Queen of the ice bar!!

Posing with the fun sculptures:

I got a Polar Blair drink, which had passionfruit juice, raspberry absolut, and other tasty juices. SO YUMMY!

We all got delicious drinks- cheers!

COLD but loving it:

We just arrived in Auckland, and will spend one night here before heading to the Waitomo glow worm caves to check those out and go black water rafting. There's still so much to do!! I'm so excited!!

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