Friday, September 4, 2009

Friends and Fun

I LOVE FRIENDS! Today I hung out with all my Singapore friends from IDEA and had a really really wonderful time.

I first visited Wen Bin at NUS (National University of Singapore). Wen Bin called me while I was waiting for the MRT, and the guy standing next to me thought I was talk to him since he didn't see the phone. So funny! As soon as I got off the MRT, it started pouring rain and I was worried that it wouldn't be fun to tour around campus, but it cleared up. Nim met us at NUS and the three of us had lunch and walked around for a bit. I wanted to get an NUS sticker so we went to the gift shop, but they didn't have any! I met a pretty cute guy and got a kiss out of the trip though (see photo).

We walked around a bit more and I took a photo in front of the "I Was Here" sculpture. So bizarre, but I figured that I could be the exclamation point. I WAS HERE!

Photo of some of the dorms at NUS - apparently they look nice on the outside, but are really small inside.

Nim's little-bitty car!

Wen Bin had to go to class, so Nim and I went off to the Suntec mall and went on the Singapore flier, a giant ferris wheel that gives you a wonderful view of the city. Here are some photos from the journey! And it was only $10, rather than $30, because we're students!

An outdoor theater overlooking the Singapore river. They had some live music when it got dark and it was really nice!

We saw the other merlion statue. Awwww =) I think the merlion is adorable. I want a real one that I can train to fetch things and do tricks. Apparently Singaporeans say you are a merlion when you throw up, because of the fountain. Teehee!

I met up with the rest of the IDEA people to have dinner and walk around the mall.

I tried Durian, the smelliest fruit ever, and it wasn't half bad! WATCH THE VIDEO!! It wasn't good either, but I really expected to die. I think the fresh fruit is ok, although the texture is pretty gross. We got the least expensive durian, so apparently the more pricey stuff has a better texture.

And of course, the Singapore night skyline is gorgeous:

It was super fun hanging out with everyone - I think this trip is mostly about the people, not the things I see. Tomorrow I'm going to the botanical garden and the night safari with Joanna, and am meeting up with IDEA people again afterwards. I'm having a fantastic time!! I love the food, the company, and everything in between!

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