Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In Transit


Here are some final photos from my time in Oahu:

The Waikiki beach that Kanoa and I snorkeled at:

My room at Kanoa’s!

Overlooking Waikiki at night:


So today is the big day. I wake up early for my 9:45 AM flight, Kanoa drives me to the airport, and I wait in line for about an hour to check in, only to discover that my plane takeoff has been changed to 1:20 PM!! Oh no!! That’ll teach me not to check the departure times before I go to the airport… silly Liz. I also found out that you can only take one carry-on, so my brilliant plan to bring all my really important luggage in a small duffel didn’t follow through either. Luckily they’re going to put all my luggage through to Singapore, so I won’t have to worry about checking it in again in Taiwan or Bangkok. I guess I’m going to be reading a lot of books since I have so much downtime in the airport and didn’t bring my DVDs. Again… silly Liz! Maybe I’ll just catch up on lots of lost sleep.


Stupid typhoons!! The plan was delayed for about 3.5 hours because of a typhoon in Japan, prompting me spend the entire flight worrying that I was going to miss my connection in Taipei and have some terrible travel story about shuffling airlines and desperately running through abandoned terminals to get to my plane on time. *deep breath* Luckily the delay ended up cutting into my 5+ hour layover, so I only have to hang out for 1.5 hours in Taipei before I get on the plane to Bangkok.

One of my three tasty meals on China Airlines (they definitely feed us well!):

Bidet at Japan’s airport! I’ve used the squat toilet before, but I figured I'd go a bit crazy and try the new-fangled technology:

Here’s my transit ticket from when we were delayed:

According to my computer, it’s 2:30 Tuesday morning in Hawaii, but it’s 8:30 PM on Tuesday in Taipei. I lost most of a day while traveling! How careless! But I still have my passport and plane ticket, and there’s free wifi in the Taipei airport so things are going well. I also bought a power adaptor, which apparently I don’t need for Taiwan. Sweet! Unless their voltage is different… in which case I’m going to regret plugging in pretty shortly. Hmm. Wikipedia says that I am good to go, and I don’t think I used a converter last time I was in Taiwan, so I think I’ll be ok. Singapore and Australia definitely need the converter though, so I stand by this investment.

I have a 7 hour layover in Bangkok, from 1:05 AM to 8 AM local time, so I plan on sleeping for most of that. Dang… I’ve been in transit for 17 hours now and I still have about 13 more hours to go!! I guess I should be happy that I’m more than halfway. Remind me not to get 4 connecting flights next time I fly to Singapore… I’m sure it will be worth it, but at the same time I’m not sure it’s worth it. Haha yes I might be getting delirious! But soon I shall be in Singapore and I’M SO EXCITED!!!

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