Thursday, December 6, 2012


I planned to spend two nights in Patong before leaving for Cambodia, because I've been told by countless people that it's just "what people do in Phuket."  And it's only for 2 nights, which anyone can survive... right? Patong is located about 30 minutes from Phuket town and has a large beach surrounded by malls, small shops, and lots of tourists.

Lots and lots of tourists.

Large groups of large tourists.

It's known as one of the biggest party towns in Southern Thailand, and I can see why - lots of bars, lots of ladyboys, lots of prostitution.  Now that I've been here, I can definitively say that I don't need to come back! But I met some nice people at my hostel and managed to stay out of trouble and have fun. The beach was beautiful and the night markets are great; it's a lot of "other stuff" that I don't particularly like or want to be around. Luckily I'm with like-minded people, so it's still been a really nice 1.5-day excursion.

Two guys playing football with Santa hats. Holiday spirit is alive and well in Thailand!

The beach at Patong

Thai cupcakes - filled with a chocolate mousse and with jellies on top. Strange...

Tiger Hotel has lots of wooden tigers painted on the side. SO ODD.
I also saw James Bond and was entertained and bored at the same time. I love a good chase scene, but they were a little excessive. That being said, the ending made me sit up and I enjoyed it overall. I'm glad I was able to see it in theaters :) in Thailand, tickets are $4 and you choose your seat beforehand on a seating chart, like choosing a seat on an airplane. So different! I like it.

I can't wait for the hobbit to come out. I plan on taking 3 hours out of my Cambodia travels to bask in the glory that is J.R.R. Tolkien!!

Goodbye for now Thailand, hello Cambodia!

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