Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Battambang Day 2: Climbs and Cambodian Wines

Susie and I had a lovely day exploring the remaining big tourist sites around Battambang, and I'm not ashamed to say that they were great! We basically went down the checklist of places to see, and our fearless tuk-tuk driver Net continued to show us the best sites around.

First we went to Wat Phnom, where there is a temple similarly shaped to Angkor Wat (but much smaller and more precariously upkept). We also went into the bat caves, which were very heavily trafficked and missing most of the natural stalectites and stalegmites. We did see the "Crocodile Rock" though!
Bats in the trees near Battambang
See? It's a crocodile!

We also went to a winery. Yes, Cambodia has wineries. The signature wine was "The Best Special Red Wine." I have no idea what types of grapes they use and the wine was very very mediocre, but at least I know to be discerning in my purchasing and consuming of Cambodian "best special red wines."

We also stopped by the "Golden Gate" bridge. Seriously, today felt like being back in S.F.  Just a lot warmer with strange wine and a smaller bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge, eh? Same same... but different.
Taking the bus back to Siem Reap tomorrow and then I'm off to Malaysia for Christmas!

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