Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today dawned clear and gorgeous! Of course, by the time I started biking to work it had begun to rain and I arrived soaking wet, once again. I gotta work on my planning for the weather – especially since I forgot my rain jacket when we actually went into the field! It was pretty sunny the whole time, luckily, so it wasn’t a big deal and I ended up using a trashbag as rain protection when it started drizzling.

Here are some photos of the Malaise traps we set up - note how tall the uluhe (ferns) are in this photo! They climb up trees and it’s pretty wicked cool. Also very inconvenient.

Devin climbed the trees to set up rat tunnels and clip branches so we could remove the bugs from them.

Also, there are 2 volcanoes in this photo! Mauna Kea is the big one we’re facing, and Kilauea is in the mirror. Crazy!

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