Thursday, July 9, 2009

3 Day Weekend, What Now!!

Today was rough – we spent the first part of the morning collecting more rat traps and measuring the climbing trees for DBH (diameter at breast height), height, and distance from the edge of the plot. We had to go back to some of the kipuka we went to yesterday since we didn’t know we were supposed to be measuring the trees, and that was a bit frustrating because these kipuka are especially dense and hard to hike though. It was also raining the whole time and I was dripping even though my rain pants and jacket. On the final kipuka, we ended up going to the wrong one before we realized our mistake and had to hike even further! All in all, I think today has probably been the least comfortable and most frustrating day in the field, but we finished around 1 so at least it ended early.

We got back to the station and had lunch, then spent the rest of the afternoon sorting leaves and branches. Just like yesterday it was tedious, but at least it wasn’t raining inside (obviously, but still nice enough to mention). We did that until about 5:30 and then packed up for the day. Since we worked so many long days this week, we’re going to take tomorrow off and I plan on getting my brakes checked on my bike. They aren’t doing a very good job of slowing me down on the way back from work, so I want to have them fixed ASAP!

When I got back from work, I made some friend rice and then dug into my Moose Tracks ice cream. It’s the greatest – rich chocolate ice cream, swirls of hardened fudge, and chunks of dark chocolate. Oh my goodness. I might have some more right now. Yum! And the view from my apartment window was super nice because the clouds started moving in and spreading around the sky a bit. Gorgeous!

As I’m writing this, a lizard is walking across my window screen and eating the bugs that are attracted to my light. It’s really cute and funny to watch. I want to keep the lizard as a pet, but it’s pretty skiddish and tends to run off the screen as soon as it grabs a bit to eat. I think it’s full tonight since it seems to have disappeared.

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