Monday, July 13, 2009

Chilly in Hawaii?!

Today we went in the field from 8 to 3, off of powerline road. The trail off of Saddle Road is super hard to drive but I did a good job of driving us in - I bottomed out only once, and Jake bottomed out like 7 times as we drove out. That road is vicious!

It was raining on the way to work so I arrived soaking wet. I'm going to start bringing my field work clothes in my pack and change when I get there so I won't start the day chilly... and since it kept raining the rest of the day, I never really warmed up! Especially since I left my rain pants in the car when we went out so I would have more space in my pack for picking up Malaise traps. Sorry, no photos today because it was so damp and we got so dirty! My hands were filthy from picking up litter (leaves, etc...) off the ground so we can dry them and see what the floor-level forest productivity is like.

I had some tasty rotini pasta for dinner; I swear it tastes better than normal pasta! And I got some Parmesan cheese so it was just perfection. YAY!

I'll just leave you all with a photo of the sunrise from my campsite Saturday morning... because it's gorgeous!

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