Sunday, March 31, 2013

Grand Palace and more

I came to Bangkok intending to steer clear of most of the really tourist-y attractions, and instead focus on places that my Thai friend Ploy recommended.  This included a fun art show by Thailand's most famous comedian Udom and some bars in Bangkok. However, we had to make a stop at the Grand Palace to pay our respects and learn about the royal family.
Walking in to the Grand Palace

It certainly was grand...
This was one of many temples within the Grand Palace. Rather than one building, the palace consists of many temples of various ages.

A guard stands picturesquely in front of the Grand Mansion

Everything was beautiful!

I made some new friends while walking around :)
 We walked around Khaosan road and Siam to meet up with Ploy. There was some great live music, dancing, and fun all-around :)
Notice the Wicked Sticker? Awesome!
And then a light came down from the skies
 The art show was full of Udom's creative paintings and sculptures, and he also performed his stand-up comedy routine (in Thai, so Uly and I didn't go).  He has a very strange and... let's go with "whimsical" aesthetic.

And of course, the requisite photo of me with a cute fluffy animal. I wasn't trying to eat it! I just wanted to cuddle it... and hadn't had a snack in awhile...
Next up, Uly and I are heading to Chiang Mai to explore the forests and play with tigers. Ploy only came to Bangkok for Udom's comedy show so she has to go back to Khao Lak, but we'll be adventuring around while my visa processes for India. Should be great!

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