Monday, March 25, 2013

Bangkok is a Zoo

Bangkok is a LOT bigger than Khao Lak. This is obvious, but still a little overwhelming after 2 months in a tiny town where I knew most people by sight. Uly and I have been adventuring around town and wandered into the Dusit Zoo, where we FED ELEPHANTS!! IT WAS AMAZING! Stay tuned for pictures of me looking absolutely ecstatic. Generally zoos make me a little sad, but this was surprisingly well maintained and I can't complain about feeding an elephant. IT WAS AWESOME.
Victory Monument, where we got off the Skytrain to catch a local bus.
 This is one of the best moments of my life. Ever.

Seriously. I teared up a little bit.
Spider monkey was feeling fiesty

Ring tailed lemur!

Asiatic black bear cooling off in the river

Hehe a hippo

The fattest lil panda doll :) no pandas at the zoo though...

A taipir! It looked like it was laughing all the time
I can't wait to see camels in India too
One of my favorite things about the zoo was the tasty concessions. They had nam thoc mu (spicy pork salad) and sticky rice for $2, a 7-11 in the park, and great coffee and ice cream, so we stayed for about 4 hours when we'd only planned to walk around for 30 minutes. Go figure!


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