Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Living in a Dream

What with one thing and another, I've completely forgotten about updating with news.  Diving has kept me very busy and I'm loving the schedule: 

7:15 - show up at the shop
8:15 - get on the boat with guests
10-11ish - 1st dive
12 - lunch
1:30 - 2nd dive
3 - pack equipment and head home
5 - shower and take a quick nap
Dinner, drinks, and friends - then off to bed to rest up before another night!

Here are some miscellaneous photos from the last few weeks! I've been terrible at documenting things, so they are sparse and random.

Sophie, the sweetest dog ever! She's at Wetzone with Kee.

Sodas piled on a truck. Only in Thailand.

View from Donald Duck Bay :)
Germans really love their speedos. So do Russians. And Italians. And French. And Spanish. Actually, everywhere but Australia and the US loves speedos. This is both funny and scary. I don't think I'll ever get used to it, but I'm learning to contain my snickering and stop outwardly laughing. I'm not perfect, but I'm trying...
Germans tanning in speedos. 
 I've been hanging out a lot with Ploy and Tuk who work at Wicked. Ploy works in the shop and reads a lot of fashion magazines (hence the "Blue Steel" look in the photo), and Tuk is one of the instructors. They live in the Seaweed Bungalows with me and it's a hoot and a half!
Aon, Ploy, me and Sao hanging out. Ploy is has the most amazing poses.
 As always, I'm eating everything and loving it! The food here is really spectacular and I wish I could eat 10 meals a day. I never get sick of it. This is chicken and cashew with rice & fried egg. It's so funny how I've become totally indiscriminate in what I eat. I used to stay away from the runny eggs and water served in pitchers, but now I don't even care. And I'm still healthy! (knock on wood)

Also, I have a gnarly burn on my leg from the exhaust pipe of a motorbike. It's called the "Khao Lak" tattoo and everyone has one, so I guess I'm just a follower on this fashion trend.  I wish I'd gotten it from a bike like this one, but sadly it was from a puny little scooter. Shhhh.
Mom, this would be a fun bike :)

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