Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dive. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

I've had one day off since I started divemastering on December 27th. I took that one day off so I could interview with a group in the Philippines to potentially help with coral monitoring and education for ~6 months. Is this real life!?
Sunrise at Richelieu Rock
Sunset at Torinla Island, Surins

I've been working for 4 companies and each one has its own special niche. One is great for day trips to the Similan Islands and includes a tasty breakfast on a liveaboard. One is great for quick trips and has a no-nonsense policy that keeps the day trips short and sweet.  Another has a leisurely trip out with lots of time for sunning and reading. And Wicked Diving has the liveaboard, which I was able to join as a divemaster and get paid for 9 dives in 3 days! WOWIE!

Here are some pics from one of the shops:
Jonas (of Switzerland) with the tanks and the truck at the pier
Kee (of Thailand) and Micha (of Germany) grabbing Coca Cola bottles from the boat

Mojo the dog, guarding the ATV outside the shop
Wetcat, the dive catamaran we use
And don't worry, I'm leaving a little time for fun on land as well! The Wicked staff is still my closest group of after-work friends, but all the shops have fun people with BBQs and drinks after a hard day's work.

Pizza at Amici's, with some very decent red wine! What a treat :)

I think there's a little something on your face? Oh yeah, you got it.
Now I'm on the Wicked liveaboard for another 3 day adventure. I'll be snorkeling and diving, so hopefully won't get quite so tired! But as the saying goes: Dive. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. I'll manage somehow :)

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