Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First Dives

I finally went diving in the ocean in Thailand! AND IT WAS AWESOME! The water was 82 degrees. Wow. We were at a sandy site so the visibility was only about 30 feet (still good by Monterey standards...) but there were little fish everywhere and it was beautiful. I'll be on a liveaboard trip for the next 3 days to do some wreck diving, with the afternoon free on October 27, and then I'm back on a liveaboard trip for 6 more days. I'll upload when I get the chance!

Here's a sample of the things we saw on the last 4 dives, taken from google image searches. I couldn't use my camera while on the dives because we had Open Water students, but I should be able to take photos for the next few dives.

Blackspotted pufferfish:  
Camouflaged scorpionfish:

Varicose warty sea slug:
Honeyomb moray eels:

And here are some photo from the dives - the battery didn't last long enough to take many pics sadly, so stay tuned for more photos from the next few days of diving:

Liveaboards at the doc
Scorpionfish were all over the place

This cuttlefish was the highlight of our dive!! THEY ARE SO COOL!

When in Thailand... :)
Hopefully I'll have some awesome wreck diving photos to show when I'm back from the liveaboard trip!

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