Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Adventure 1: Ze Epic Walk

Self study days = reading, mini-quizzes, and time to have an adventure. 

Adventure 1. Ze Epic Walk

~1.5 miles of walking along a road filled with trucks, cars, and motos with jungle on the other side. Here's what we saw at the next town along the road:

A police boat that was tossed ~2 km upland from the beach during the 2004 tsunami. Crazyyy
Small shrine with a potbellied guardian 

Deep-fried grasshopper? FOR DINNER? (it tasted buggy...)

Wheels spinning in the sky

Pastry-covered hot dogs on a stick

Rhys unimpressed with grasshopper and mealworm

Mealworms om nom (they tasted like chips...)
George and chicken (it wasn't was spicy as it looks, thank goodness)
 And a carnival celebrating the 9-day vegetarian Buddhist holiday going on right now:

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  1. "Pastry-covered hot dogs on a stick." You would.

    Props on the adventurous eating though!