Thursday, October 18, 2012

Field trip to the Decompression Chamber

Don't worry, I didn't have to USE the decompression chamber. We had a tour of the center and learned about the process of removing excess nitrogen from the bloodstream to avoid tissue damage, which was very interesting since I've only read about the facilities. The decompression chamber in Phuket has a large submarine-like interior so you can be comfortable (ish) while undergoing treatment. Hopefully I'll never have to experience it first hand, especially since it costs 753 Euro per treatment hour (minimum 5 hours, up to 9 hours), but that's what dive insurance is for! Tomorrow we start with pool sessions, and we begin assistant-teaching Open Water Diver certification classes in 2 days. I'm so excited!!

Located adjacent to the Phuket International Hospital

This is what I'll look like if I ever need to be recompressed

The control panel for O2, normal air, etc...

Regulator Servicing station in Phuket
Random photo of the day: Donut Pizza?? BUT WHY??

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