Thursday, October 3, 2013



I never thought this day would come!! I can't believe I'm here and even after doing 3 amazing dives, it hasn't hit me that I am in Labuan Bajo and diving some of the most beautiful sites in the world. What an amazing world!

It's nice to be with Wicked again - I feel like part of the family already. The first night I went to a big staff celebration for the end of the busy season, and all the Indonesia staff were dancing and partying. Very fun! Dani and Anna trained me in Khao Lak and have been working here, so it was great connecting with them again. They are truly lovely people and might visit in California!!  Mom and Dad, you have to meet them - they are two of the loveliest people I've ever met and have been nothing but kind and welcoming to me from day 1.
Rooftop hangout at Wicked! The view is spectacular and faces sunset! (Scroll down for sunset photo from the roof)


All my friends from Khao Lak - Bas, Dani, Anna, and Ricky
boats in the harbor
I flew here on an epic overnight sleeping-in-airport journey and arrived to see this stunning view from the Wicked Diving shop.  Yesterday I went on 3 dives and saw a grey reef shark, adult bamboo shark, and 2+ meter white tip reef sharks. I also saw a manta, two turtles, and leafy scorpionfish. HOW AMAZING IS THIS PLACE?! The current was so strong that at points I was holding onto my guide or a rock just to keep from flying across the dive site, and I actually saw other dives getting pushed around like they were in a washing machine.

Krista just arrived today and we are going on an epic 4-day diving binge before we head to the Philippines. Krista did her divemaster recently and was a scientific diver with me at Stanford. We also lived together for 6 months and she is great!! It's a taste of home and good for easing me back to California life, since I'll be home in a month (October 30) and will have to adjust to the real world again.
sunset from the roof at Wicked
I can't describe with words how special the diving is here. My camera O-ring is busted but Krista has an underwater camera so don't worry - I will still have photos to post. I'll update again when I have photos that will stun and amaze you :)

Krista and I! Expect lots more photos

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  1. Liz, thanks for the jealous-making update! I'm trying not to worry that you're being tossed around like a tennis ball in the surf.
    Mom and I are so excited for you, but can hardly wait for your return. Of course your friends are always welcome - as long as they like barbeque and don't mess with my Tivo.