Friday, October 25, 2013


Bad news first: I just finished my last dives of my year in SE Asia :(

Good news: IT WAS AWESOME! Sabang is a small town in Puerto Galera, approximately 3 hours south of Manila. The diving was great and we found an amazing dive shop that caters to backpackers and gave us a great deal on diving and renting a camera. Krista's underwater camera broke, and my underwater housing still has a busted O-ring, so it was a delight to be back in the water and able to take photos.

The town itself was tiny and a bit seedy - it's known for the diving and the girlie bars. However, it's also safe and we never stayed out late since we were doing so many early dives. Here are some photos that will help show all the lovely things we saw!

Giant trevalies playing in the current at Canyons

beautiful coral formations


massive frogfish

Alma Jane Wreck

crazy artichoke-looking corals


school of catfish??

lovely worms

SEAHORSE! He has some babies in his belly :)

It was really bittersweet to realize that I'm done with tropical diving for the near future - it's been more than a hobby and more than a habit. It's been my livelihood and driving passion for the last year, and I've seen so many beautiful things in Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, and the Philippines. I've been so lucky and blessed to be out here with friends and family, and I can't imagine a better way to explore SE Asia. Thanks to everyone who has read my blog and supported me from wherever you are - it's greatly appreciated! Now that my diving has wrapped up, it's time to focus on my last adventure before the flight home (and a whole series of new adventures).

We are off to Hong Kong now for 4 days, and then HOME! HOME HOME HOME! Crazy how the time has flown :)

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