Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Welaxation

YAY! I love the weekend!! I slept in on Saturday and today, and woke up both mornings to the sound of rain falling outside. Rain showers tend to last maybe half an hour here, and can be a mere 10 minute of heavy downpour, so by the time I had eating my pancakes and papaya the sky was already brightening.

Yesterday I went to the farmer’s market, per usual, and restocked on papaya. I also got some bak choi and tomatoes – can’t beat the produce!! There’s actually a public orchard near my house, where you can get a free permit to pick all the fruit you want. I’m going to go after work if I get off early, because word on the street is they have Lichee trees and other tropical fruits in season! Yummm.

I also stopped by this awesome organic food store in downtown. I missed it the first few times I walked through because the entrance isn’t very conspicuous, but the inside is awesome. A women outside was giving out samples of fresh organic fudge made with coconut oil – a combination I wouldn’t have tried, but which ended up being delicious! Inside they had all the typical organic food products, as well as some awesome stickers and a huge variety of drinks. I may have to stop by and grab some of their more exotic fruit drinks. Amanda, you would LOVE this place!!!

The farmer’s market is the best combination of art fair, fresh food stalls, jewelry, clothing, and Hawaiian culture. It makes me feel better about missing Tapestry Arts in San Jose.

Sunday involved switching out my phone with my grandma’s and now I can see my whole screen! So exciting! I no longer have to forward texts to myself to be able to read them. I also bought some ice cream, which seemed like a good idea except I had to bike back with it. I hope it resolidifies… when I took it out of my backpack, it was goopy and melty. Therefore I HAD to eat the top layer, so it didn’t get too messy, but I put the rest back and am crossing my fingers that it will return to normal form. It’s a chocolate chip cookie dough, with the Nestle cookie dough… SO DELICIOUS!!! I now feel completely settled in.

Tad arrived today and I think it’s going to work out really well. He also has a car, meaning that I won’t have to worry about melty ice cream as long as he’s around! And it will be easier to get to the beach, since the best ones are about 5 miles down the road. Jake is already scuba certified but I won’t be until August, so I have to stick to snorkeling. Look forward to some cool underwater photos in the next few weeks, because my camera is waterproof to 10 feet. Hopefully it’ll work! I may have to play around with the settings – I love that it’s shockproof and waterproof (both are TOTALLY necessary given my line of work and the way that I beat it up), but it’s not very smart. Meaning that I have to manually adjust the lighting, etc… pretty often, but I’m getting the hang out it!

Hope all is well with you!

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