Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh Rats!

Today was a bit rainy, which we’re learning to accept might be the norm this summer even in the kipuka. We had quite the entourage because Aaron, a rat researcher, came out with us to talk about how rats might affect our research. There was a lot more discussion of ongoing, past, and future rat research than I ever expected to hear about or even knew existed. Go figure, they're kind of a big deal here! Eric also came because the graduate student he works for is currently drafting a NSF (National Science Foundation) grant proposal and so he didn’t have any supervision for work to do at Volcanoes. We put in a bunch more litterfall traps and saw some gorgeous ferns, per usual, which look so prehistoric when they’re dripping wet and lush and green!

I also saw a creepy root exposed – it looks like skin, muscle, and then bone! But it’s not, it’s just a root!! CREEEEEPPPPYYYYYY!!!!

So Eric is staying at our apartment tonight since it’s quite a bus ride back to Volcanoes and he was planning on coming back to Hilo tomorrow anyways! Yay for couches. We might all go see a movie, I’m backing Transformer’s II, and possibly try some restaurant around town. We’ve all been cooking since we got here so it might be nice to get out and see what Hilo has to offer for food options. Yummy yummy! And Tad is coming, meaning we'll have a ride. Things are looking promising!

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