Saturday, October 24, 2009

More Fish!

More fish photos! We finished 5 days of labs and learned lots of lab techniques for looking at the health of corals. We can analyze coral proteins and the number of photosynthetic symbionts in their tissue, as well as how much chlorophyll each symbiont has. I'll be using those techniques for my research project. I've also been on reef walks every day so far, although I'm going to take a break today because I have a huge scrape on my knee from sand volleyball and I want it to have time to do some healing.

Here are photos from one of our snorkeling trips - they gave us cameras, and the assignment was to take as many fish photos as possible and then try to ID them later.

As yet undetermined fish:

Canthigaster valentini (Pufferfish - this one's for you, Nicole!):

Epaulette sharks - these lay eggs when they reproduce, and have crushing teeth:

Beautiful giant clam:

More reef shots:

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