Friday, August 21, 2009

One more week!

Wow I haven’t updated my blog in forever. Sorry Uncle Marty, I know you’re my only fan and I would hate to leave you without updates on my summer! This update is going to be mostly photos because I think they speak for all the fun I’ve been having!

The family visit was amazing, we went to the top of Mauna Kea and saw the stars, and went jetskiing in Kona. It was SO FUN! Here are some photos from our exciting adventures.

I’m basically a pro jetskiier:

Drinking Mai Tais with the family – aww they’re so cute!

If you were wondering what my Hawaiian boyfriend looked like, here's a photo! Oh yeah, be jealous!

I finished getting scuba certified on Saturday, so I can now enjoy Australia to the fullest!! I’m so excited to see the Great Barrier Reef and all the other awesome things – this summer has been amazing, but there’s so much to look forward to!

Tad came back to work with us this week, and we got through a lot of samples, litter, and bugs. We’re finally getting a rhythm, and it’s basically time to leave! I only have one more day of work on Monday, and then I’m officially done working in the kipuka. Forever!! CRAZY!! This has been such an incredible experience, I can’t believe it’s almost over and my summer in Hawaii is drawing to a close. I finally got my ticket to Honolulu, so I’m definitely leaving. It was a close call – I kept half-hoping they’d sell out of tickets, but apparently I’m destined to leave Hawaii and travel the world a bit more.

We tried tree climbing yesterday, and I went up about 50 feet or so! It was terrifying trusting my life to a thin little rope, but a lot of fun. I can’t believe Devin and Bernice and Tad had to climb trees and then wield tools. The harness was pretty comfortable! Way better than rock climbing ones. Here's a photo of the Dream Team: Christian, our contact at the Forest Service, Tad, Devin, myself, and Jake! Yay for a great summer with great people!

This weekend will involve a lot of cleaning so we can move out of the apartment. I have to sell back my bike and deal with some last-minute errands, but I think I’m actually pretty set to go. WOOO!! Life is so good!!

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